Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Long Overdue Post

For the few that read my blog, I apologize for being behind on my blogging. Our neighbor came over a week and a half ago and asked to borrow our computer mouse for a little bit, because he left his at the Fire and Rescue Station where he works and didn't want to drive back into town to get it for the night. Since then, we have missed each other, and my work schedule has been hectic, so we haven't been able to get online for awhile, until tonight. Sorry for the delay.

The big news that I have been wanting to fill everyone in on is that last Tuesday my dad won his hearing and got approved for Social Security Disability. Our lawyer really knew what he was doing. It turns out that the judge for our case was a groomsman in our lawyer's wedding. So our lawyer went to his chambers early in the day to show him the case info, and the judge decided that it was basically an open and shut case. The albatross that has been around our family's neck for 3 years was gone just like that. It will still be awhile till all the benefits come in for him, but he does get his medicine for close to free now, which is huge. Seriously, you all have been awesome and so faithful in prayer. I can not thank you all enough. I love all you guys and gals.

As for what I have been up to-I look like a lobster. I have spent a ton of time at the pool getting it ready for next weekend, and I am burnt to a crisp. But the good news is that all the tough stuff will be done tomorrow. I will be honest, it felt good to put on the WKU visor, aviators, and whistle again. It's good to be the Hoff.....haha.......but seriously, it does. The staff that I have met seem great, and the lifeguards seem to be mature enough to handle it. I'm ready to get things going.

New topic-I'm a terrible friend. Ben's birthday was yesterday and I didn't call. I was thinking about it last week, and knew that it was this week, but couldn't remember the exact date. And I didn't have internet, so I couldn't get on Facebook. No excuses. I'm just a terrible friend. I sang to him today, but it's still not good enough. I have got to be a better friend.

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Anonymous said...

Todd!!! We miss you down here in Chatty! I am so glad to hear about your dad - I will definitely let Jason know. We've been praying for you. Love you, brother!