Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving and the Week Leading Up

Well it is Turkey Day and I am getting to spend some time with the fam. Well, not at this moment, but I will. I don't get home much anymore, so I know how good it is to spend some time here.

This past week wasn't too bad. A little work, a little football and basketball, some running, the usual. My life isn't exciting enough to fill up a blog, but I'm trying. The highlight of my week was this past Sunday, as I got to hang out with Raynolds and watch our hero Jack Bauer walk back into our lives. The wait is over and Jack is Back!!

Really, other than that, Florida won, Green Bay lost, and my life is boring. I am starting to second guess this whole blogging thing, because I don't think my life needs to be in print right now. We'll see in the near future. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Child at the Adult Table

Well I had another great weekend. And by great weekend, I mean one that had blowouts for the Gators and the Packers. Just throwing that in. But moving on from my fanhood-

I have really loved getting to know more people at Calvary Chapel. The church has a great understanding and follow through of the Great Commission(all nations, Judea and Samaria, local and abroad). We have been praying for the persecuted church, particularly for missionaries that we support on Yemen. 99.99% of Yemen is Muslim, and christians are jailed, including three men that our missionaries connected with who came to the Lord. This week, we began praying for a man in our chuch who is moved to leave his very high paying corporate job to go to Yemen. And at the end of the service, another woman came forward and gave her life to God. Just an awesome morning.

Sunday night, I went to a Calvary Life Group for the first time. At this point, the church has these small groups in different areas in and around Chattanooga. Right now, there is no age specific group, so there is a mix of young and old. Or so I thought. I called a woman from Hixson that hosts the life group at her house with her husband. She invited me out and was excited about a new face in the group. When I got there, I realized that I didn't quite fit the norm of the group. And by the norm of the group, I mean social security checks recipients. There were 6 married couples and one widower and me, the only person under 40. So I stuck out a little bit.

But God really taught me alot from this group of people. They have all been believers for a long time and married for a long time. Being a young single guy, I can not relate at all to the state of life that they are in. But I am also a people watcher. And it was amazing to see the way the husbands talked about and treated their wives. To me, it's not all the big things that you see in movies and junk like that. The lesson was on appreciating the great things in life. And none of the men talked about trips to Hawaii or athletic feats or promotions. One man said that the favorite part of his week was walking the dog with his wife. Another man talked about how much he loves watching his son with his girlfriend and just seeing them laugh and goof around.

I have also been blessed to have so many friends get married recently. Basically most of my friends in Chatty are married or moving that way. I have definitely seen a change in the guys, too. Not that they were bad before, they were just missing the other half. With David, I have seen a big change. Alot of it could be that I wasn't around him alot with Emily there(the whole different states thing). But hearing him talk about Em and the way he has incredible joy anytime she is around is awesome. And then there is Forrest and Alex. There was a long time that I knew Forrest where we wondered and hoped and prayed that God would bless him with a wife. And now that he is married, wow, they are like that cool couple from high school that is really into each other. But in a good way.

So all of that is to say that being a people watcher can be good. From the 40-pluses at life group to the newlyweds, its neat to see God work. And I'm starting to think that these petty things that I worry about (job, school, bills) will work out and I can enjoy those things that the more experienced people from life group enoy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A New Beginning

So this is my first try at the whole blogging thing. I'm not sure what type of blog this is going to be yet. Some are strictly a running diary of the day, some are filled with deep insights into life and faith, and some are filled with funny commentaries on things that the blogger sees throughout the day.

I think I am going to be a healthy mix blogger. I certainly don't have enough cool things happening on a daily basis to keep people reading. I put on enough of a front during the day as a wise person when I'm really not, so I will include a few nuggets here and there but try to not act smarter and wiser than I am. And I have realized that I'm really not good with jokes and puns. My Cory Matthews and Boy Meets World sense of humor doesn't lend itself to blogging, or much of real life. So a little bit of everything sounds good to me.

Well as most of you know, I am living in Chattanooga now. I moved here at the beginning of August and am still getting adjusted. It is alot different living here than back in Kentucky. I loved being in Bowling Green, but since working at CVP, I knew this is where I wanted to be. And since I had to start working full time and had to take a break from school, I decided to just up and move. And it was a huge change from Campbellsville, where I was for 7 months before the move. I really love it here. I was thirsting for some guy accountability, and have been blessed by some awesome guys here, particularly in Bible study. And I have been getting more and more involved at Calvary Chapel, and love the people and the way the church does things. The gospel is definitely the focus, and they really strive to be prayerful about everything. So that has been a huge blessing.

And my new job has been a blessing as well. As many of you know, I started off working for a car dealership after my move. It was fine for a little bit, but once I started seeing some of the ins and outs of how things worked, I couldn't stay there. So I quit, with no other job lined up. Luckily, Keith had been on me for a month or so to come work at Outdoor Inc, and I am glad that I did. I never thought that I would work for a landscaping company, but it has allowed me to stretch my business skills. I am doing alot of sales and client relations, and it has been difficult, but I love the challenge. And the guys that I work with are great. There are some great christian guys on the team, so having that influence in place is great. And the experience I am getting on the business side is great. The early wake up call (5 am on days that I have to run) is rough, but I'm adjusting.

But this blog is already getting long. I will try to update it a few times a week, but don't hold me to it. Not that there will be many people reading this anyways, but for the 2 of you who might, I do it for you. Have a blessed day.